What is the creative blueprint process?

1. decluttering

Cleaning up your life starts with proper simplification, reorganization, and elevation of the energy of your physical environment around you. When you declutter, rearrange, simplify, organize, and beautify your space, you will shift the energy that will spark the change that will resonate into the rest of your life. 

We will focus on how to identify the “clutter” within your closet or your home, how to recognize the old energy present in certain items and spaces, and what may better serve you by choosing what to let go of and release to invite positive energy and change. 

2. emotional cleansing

Moving through emotional blockages to clear what’s been holding us back is an invigorating and incredibly freeing part of the process toward creating our new reality as we desire it to be. And sometimes, it can be daunting to sift through our emotional “clutter” on our own.

We will focus on pinpointing the specific emotional blockages you may face as you move through your decluttering process—where you’re experiencing these blockages in your physical body, how to create your own unique method of exploring and accepting the lessons these emotions are here to teach you, and guidance in releasing these blockages in order to continue moving forward on your authentic path.

3. artful creation

Once you’ve cleared the old energy from your physical space and within your own emotional framework, you now have a fresh, clean canvas on which to playfully and creatively express who you are and what you want to bring into your life. Sometimes, it takes a little nudge in the right direction to even know where to begin. 

We will focus on how you want to recreate your new reality and call fresh, positive energy into any and all areas of your home. We’ll cover how to intentionally set and embrace this new energy with colors, décor, meaningful items, and free-flowing space, tailored specifically to your tastes and what will best suit you and your authentic purpose, all through creative expression and a desire to bring in the new. 

My experience as an interior designer—both before and after the personal shift in my journey and the creation of The Creative Blueprint—has given me a unique perspective on recognizing energetic blockages and how to clear them before guiding my clients toward the best positive energetic changes to create within their home. If you’re looking for new, professional, and intuitive insight on how to best clear away the old energy of your living spaces, I also offer this In-Person Creative Energetic Cleanse.

This process may not be like anything else you’ve seen from an interior designer, because in addition to creating these courses and offering Creative Guidance Sessions over the phone, I also use The Creative Blueprint process myself within clients’ homes to personally help them clear out their old energy and call in the new.

This Creative Energetic Cleanse in your home is an in-depth, intuitive exploration of your sacred living spaces and includes my suggestions for what to clear and release, how to rearrange physical layouts, and what to bring into each room with new intention for turning your home into a positive, peaceful sanctuary where you can freely and creatively express your own authenticity.

*This is an in-person offering physically within your home.

4. in-person creative energetic cleanse