How does the process work?

step 1: evaluation

We will begin with a brief evaluation to determine what you have outgrown, what still works, and what you love. This process will will help us define your inner-goals and intentions for your creative life design process. 

step 2: Cleansing 

In this second step, we will begin to identify, cleanse and release what no longer serves you while solidifying what does. Cleansing your closet or home will help to clear up space for new self-expression: wardrobe, style, furnishing, color, and home decor. Self-reflection, organization, Feng Shui, and other helpful tools may be utilized here, when needed.

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step 3: expressing the new

In this final step, design and creation will commence. With the new found space in your home or closet, we will begin to bring in fresh colors, new ideas, and your creativity. Staging, closet organization, furnishing design, and other creative avenues may be utilized in this final step.