"I have known Molly for years. She has helped me through tremendous changes in my life and she has been my greatest guide/counselor. Her intuitive healing nature is calming, radiant and soothing and her ability to guide others through change is effortless. Not only did Molly help me through a turbulent divorce, but she also helped me clear out my clutter, redecorate my home and figure out what I wanted in life. I don’t know what I would have done without her supportive energy; she truly helped me on all levels. All I can say is her positive outlook on life is what kept me going. Her heart is gold.
Tara – Westlake Village

"Molly Seidel is a wonderful interior decorator and a pleasure to work with. She was full of ideas, but most importantly she could see the bigger picture of what we needed. She is patient, kind, authentic, understanding, compassionate and her creative style is amazing. I have recommended Molly to several of my friends and will continue to do so – she is a gem."
Jenny, Woodland Hills

"Molly makes dreams come true! I have used Molly on several different occasions. For our multifamily buildings and personal office. Molly originally did all the interior design for our Leasing Office, Model and Rec. Room. I gave her complete design control and was completely blown away by the results. Her sense of style updated the property and made it a true showpiece. The prospective tenants asked if they could rent the Model, furniture and all! I was so impressed and loved her ideas that I then hired her to decorate my office in Marina Del Rey. Again, the office was breathtaking! She transformed the office into a place that felt like home. As styles change, it came time again to update our Model again. Once again, I called Molly to do her magic. By simply changing paint colors and updating the furniture, our Model became up to date and stunning. Our current residences come in to look at the model for decorating ideas. If you have the opportunity to work with Molly - TAKE IT!"  
Candice - Real Estate & Planning, Inc.

"Molly is the most talented decorator that brings a sense of calm to your household. Not only does she have the best taste in design, she organizes your home and brings peace to the family. She comes in like a world wind with a magic wand and just seems to know how to make everything right. She helped me with organization all the way to a completely remodeled home. I left for a day of work and I came back to a transformed home that felt like a million bucks. I can’t thank her enough."
Deanna – Valencia

"I truly don't know where I would be today if I had never met Molly five years ago. She is the absolute most incredible person. I've honestly never seen anything like it… Molly cares for others more than anyone I have ever seen because she has such a big heart. I could go on and on but let’s just say the world needs more people like her. Molly was there for me in ways that changed my life and her healing energy and loving nature is one of a kind."
Jenna – Laguna Niguel

"I highly recommend Molly for her work and more importantly for who she is. First of all Molly has completely transformed my empty space and has worked with me to transform it into this beautiful, warm, loving home - which has and is affecting me and my life much more than I thought it would. Molly is honest, hardworking, authentic, sincere, and caring. She is very intuitive, has this big beautiful heart, and wants nothing but the best for you. I cannot recommend Molly enough."
Aileen, Newport Beach

"I reached out to Molly when my mind was so cluttered with thoughts that I couldn't even think about tackling the idea of updating my home or decluttering my closet. She had a way of helping me through the process, so my mind didn't feel so cluttered with thoughts and ideas. Her energy truly helped me pull everything together. It was like our minds were in sync, and it felt like she passed that energy onto me, which made me eager to start the changes. 
Molly kept it simple and listened to all my jumbled ideas. Then, she presented me with a fresh updated look for my family room that truly spoke to me. After many conversations on the phone, she then visited me and said lets go! We hit the stores and purchased items that fit just right for my space. Within a few hours she had moved decor from room to room, showcasing items that I had hidden in other rooms. I am so pleased with everything and she made me feel so comfortable with all the changes. I love my updated look and I understand now that decorating doesn't have to be so scary, I look forward to working with Molly again very soon.
I would definitely recommend her."  
Lori - Mission Viejo 

"I absolutely loved working with Molly! She produced an impeccable product and was a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. The level of professionalism, attention to detail, and client focus was amazing. I adore my new furniture and wanted to express my sincerest gratitude for her superb decorating services. We are truly happy in our new home because she helped us make it a warm and comfortable place to be. It's beautiful and everyone is very happy."
Sera - New York  

"As an Interior Designer, Molly is topnotch. Molly has a true gift and eye for colors, furniture placement, fabrics and accessorizing. She has the ability to pick and chose these things to fit the home and the likes of her client. Molly was able to help us create a home that feels warm, calm, peaceful, inviting, and comfortable. She is patient, understanding and listens to her clients and their needs. She also pays attention to their budget. She offers her opinions while considering her clients wants and needs. We love our home and would never use anyone else. 
Allison & Dan - Hunington Beach   

"Molly is hands down a great stager and cleanser. She is kind, honest, efficient and truly looks out for your best interest. She will cleanse your home and bring it good vibes and feelings and a fresh start. She has great energy and will walk you through the process with integrity and grace. If you are looking for a top notch cleanser or stager, Molly is your gal! 
Karen - Real Estate Agent