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November 3, 2021

Molly Seidel is a creative life designer based in the PNW. Her goal is to help educate her readers and clients on decluttering the old to bring in the new. 

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My name is Molly Seidel, and I’m so thrilled to welcome you to my blog.

I created this space as a hub for my monthly blog posts about accessing and embracing your own unique gifts and authentic self-expression to create the life you’ve always wanted—the life you were meant to live.

This post, however, is an introduction. I want to share with you who I am and why I’ve created this blog in the first place.

In 2010, I experienced what some refer to as a spiritual awakening, though it took me quite a while to actually see it this way. My life went through a traumatic shift, and my husband and I lost everything. This shift wasn’t easy by any means. It was full of pain, trauma, unfairness, and terrible loss and betrayal. But it was the best gift I could have ever received.

My life unfolded before my eyes to show me a greater purpose I hadn’t previously been willing or even able to see before.

The truth was that I’d been living an inauthentic life. In some ways, I was even living a lie. For so long, I had been hiding who I really am. And within that hiding, I ended up creating a reality, a movie, a script, a story that didn’t actually align with my deepest self. I ended up burying my true authentic gifts—the passions and joys that lit up my heart and its deepest expression. I decided to create an illusion of who I thought I needed to be and who I thought I should be—just so I could survive in the world.

Why did I choose to hide who I really am?

When I was five years old, I learned my first lesson in how to hide. Just like so many children at this age, I knew who I was. I was aware of my gifts, talents, and passions from the moment I first had an interest in anything. They were a part of me, and I embraced them with everything I had because it just felt natural and right.

Unfortunately, what felt natural and right to me seemed so vastly unacceptable to the rest of the world. Because of these clues and hints from other people in my life that who I was seemed “just a little off”, I felt so different. Even within my own family, I felt like an outcast, and I couldn’t understand why.I couldn’t fathom how no one else around me wanted to see all the beautiful things I could see or join me in the space of love and connection I knew was so vital, even at the age of five.

I spent years trying to bury these gifts of mine, though I always knew they were there. At the age of starting Kindergarten, I had an unhindered connection to another realm—Spirit, the universe, a separate plane. I saw and heard things from well beyond this world—things no five-year-old could possibly know about the people in their lives who didn’t share that kind of information with each other. I saw the truth of the diamonds in others’ hearts. But I didn’t know what to do with these gifts or how to express them to anyone.

Whenever I drummed up the courage to share my already deep emotions or what I saw, felt, or heard, the world as I experienced it then was not well-received. Looking back on it now, I can see how uncomfortable it made others to hear a five-year-old little girl sharing her heart and her knowledge in ways they’d been taught to believe were impossible. And they responded in the best way they knew how at the time—the only way they knew how to handle what they couldn’t rationalize or let themselves accept.

“Don’t talk like that, Molly.”

“People don’t want to hear you say those kinds of things.”

“That’s a little strange, sweetheart. Let’s focus on something else.”

The good intentions were there, of course, but the good intentions didn’t change how much time I spent feeling rejected and completely misunderstood.

So, I decided at that very young, very tender age that I was wrong. I decided that the truth I saw in everyone and everything was just my imagination—that I was either playing make-believe or was verifiably crazy. No one wants to be labeled insane, even at five, and I had to do something to protect myself.

I shut down. I built walls around my gifts and locked them away, terrified of being exposed and only further rejected. I created my very first illusion of who I thought I needed to be just so I could fit in with the rest of the world.

It worked. For a time. But like most lies, this false reality had to be constantly maintained. While I appeared to fit in with everyone around me, I was still so lost, confused, lonely, and terrified of anyone ever discovering that this young Molly I’d created wasn’t the real me.

That fear led me to continue this illusionary creation of my life. As an adult, I decided I was going to build my perfect dream life. It would look and sound and feel like the right life, and it would keep me safe. This perfect life would allow me to hide who I really was from the entire world, and then no one would ever discover how different and strange I was.

In many ways, I attained that dream life. Unfortunately, it wasn’t nearly as fortified and protective as I’d imagined and so desperately hoped it would be. Without warning, that life crumbled before my eyes. I lost everything—the gorgeous house, the luxury cars, all my possessions, every source of steady income, and even a level of social standing among our friends, neighbors, and acquaintances.

I was stripped down to my basest self and had no choice but to look at myself and figure out where I had gone wrong.

Yes, this shift was terribly uncomfortable. In the beginning, it sent me into a tailspin of all the fears and worries and doubts I’d been trying to lock away my entire life. But my dream life had to crumble, because it was the only way I would ever truly see how far from my dream life it really was. I hadn’t built any of it from a place of authenticity, love, self-acceptance, and the freedom to express myself the way my heart needed to be expressed. The only thing that had been rooted in the truth—with the ability to grow into what it was meant to be—was my family. Though it was difficult for all of us, my husband and our children joined me on this journey when we literally had nothing but each other.

The rest of my life was stripped away by what most people would see as nothing more than a vicious string of catastrophic bad luck. The heinousness of how quickly the world seemed to “turn against us” was incredibly traumatic. But in time, this drastic shift allowed me to finally rediscover who I really am and what I am here on this earth to do.

The greatest part is the opportunity I was given to come back from it all with the most valuable gift I could have ever received. That gift was ME.

I found my true authentic self.

I’m not going to tell you that I came back from my shift with a long list of things I can brag about. No titles or accolades. But I wouldn’t want any of those over the tremendous understanding I gained through the process of my own transformation—a wellspring of wisdom and truth, love and understanding, compassion, and a beautiful long list of mistakes I needed to make for myself first. I needed to understand my entire journey from a higher perspective. And it worked.

I rediscovered and embraced who I am, what my true gifts are, how I want to express them, what brings me pure joy, and what my true purpose is in this world. These are priceless.

I finally get to share my heart, my gifts, and my wisdom with others, all without those old fears of my five-year-old self standing in the way. And I get to use those gifts to help others find the same within themselves. To discover their own truth so they can bring their gifts to life.

My greatest passion has always been helping others through their own shifts.  Guiding others in recreative the lives they’ve always wanted in ways that bring them closer to their authentic selves. But to truly know how to help others through personal transformation and self-discovery, I had to do it for myself first.

This post is one of those moments of sharing. Of opening my heart to hopefully reach those of you who might need to hear this kind of story.

Whether you’re going through your own shift, or you just feel stuck in life, or you’re ready to create something new but aren’t sure what that looks like or where to even begin, I encourage you now to take a few moments for yourself. 60 minutes, 30 minutes, or even just 5 minutes, if that’s all you have. Sit down to explore and express who you are and what you love to do. What passions drive you? What have you always wanted to create or achieve or nurture? What fills you with joy? Anything goes, and there are no wrong ways to express your truest self, as long as you do it from your heart.

When we express from the heart, we can tap into exactly who we are and the gifts we’ve always had—easily and effortlessly and without the illusion getting in the way. When we express from the heart, there is no wrong way. No silly answers. No impossible dreams. It’s all right there, as long as we allow our heart to tap into that flow of magic. This is what will bring you the happiness and fulfillment you truly desire.

For me, the easiest and most powerful way to express my heart is through my writing. Which is why I created this blog. This is a continuous expression of my heart with all of you, a place where I can share my gifts, wisdom, hope, and insight, all with the purpose of helping others do the same.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is the permission to let your heart to shine at its brightest. Your gifts will find you if they haven’t already. And when we let our bright hearts and our shining gifts do what they were always meant to do, we can make such a difference in the world.

*The video below offers more detailed insight into the Creative Blueprint Process and how to get started.

If you enjoyed what you’ve read here, consider subscribing to my newsletter for these monthly blog posts sent straight to your inbox. My newsletter also has a few other gems exclusively for subscribers, the first of which is a free gift I created specifically for you.

The Assess Your Authenticity Checklist will guide you through mapping out how often and in how many aspects of your life you are currently living as your truest, most authentic self. This is the first key to learning how to rewrite your story and recreate your dream life.

For more details about what I do, the courses I offer, and how I can help you in your own transformational journey, feel free to explore the rest of my website or reach out through the Contact page. I’m always happy to answer any questions.

I can’t wait to meet you and welcome you into the first steps of reconnecting with the light of your most authentic self.

With love and light,

Molly Seidel

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