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If you are ready to clear out the old and bring in the new, this unique service is for you. Molly will help you declutter, reorganize, cleanse and revamp your space so it feels aligned, balanced and represents the true you! 

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"Molly is hands down a great cleanser. She is kind, honest, efficient and truly looks out for your best interest. She will cleanse your home and bring it good vibes and feelings and a fresh start. She has great energy and will walk you through the process with integrity and grace. If you are looking for a great cleanser, Molly is your gal! 

- karen   

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My experience as an interior designer ~ both before and after the personal shift in my journey and the creation of The Creative Blueprint ~ has given me a unique perspective on recognizing energetic blockages and how to clear them before guiding my clients toward the best positive energetic changes to create within their home. If you're looking for new, professional, and intuitive insight on how to best clear away the old energy of your living spaces, I also offer this In-Person Creative Energetic Cleanse. 

This process may not be like anything else you've seen from an interior designer, because in addition to offering Creative Guidance Sessions over the phone, I also use The Creative Blueprint Process myself within clients' homes to personally help them clear out their old energy and call in the new. 

This Creative Energetic Cleanse in your home is an in-depth, intuitive exploration of your sacred living spaces and includes my suggestions for what to clear and release, how to rearrange physical layouts, and what to bring into each room with new intention for turning your home into a positive, peaceful sanctuary where you can freely and creatively express your own authenticity. 

*This is an in person offering physically within your home.