Accessing Your Authentic Gifts

March 23, 2021

Molly Seidel is a creative life designer based in the PNW. Her goal is to help educate her readers and clients on decluttering the old to bring in the new. 

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Authenticity is the key to personal growth.

Connecting to our truest selves brings us closer to our greater purpose.

Each one of us has our own unique gifts that align with the core of who we were meant to be and what we were meant to do in this life. These gifts define who we are authentically. While each of us carries a completely different set of gifts, abilities, and skills, they all serve a greater purpose.

When we learn to connect with these gifts and our authentic selves, this greater purpose within our lives is not only revealed but also put to use for a greater fulfillment within ourselves.  A deeper understanding of and relationship with our gifts allows us to bring more joy, contentment, and fulfillment in our day-to-day lives. Most importantly, our gifts are the key to our freedom—the freedom to simply be who we are meant to be.

So how do we access our true authentic gifts?

Your HEART is your greatest portal to accessing your own skillsets, abilities, creative expression, and true freedom. Some call it intuition. Others may see it as a gateway to a higher consciousness. I call it heart energy. What you feel within your deepest heart is your greatest personal power source. This flow of energy embodies your truth. The key to discovering and accessing this part of yourself lies in giving yourself permission to return to and connect with it on a daily basis. For many of us, this permission may seem difficult to find. We may be carrying around old, stagnant, cumbersome energetic baggage that tends to get in the way of finding and connecting with our true selves. Once we learn to deconstruct and bypass this old heart energy, the doors to bringing our authentic gifts to the light and into the world are wide open to us.

When we are connected to our heart energy, we are working from our truth. This is how we find our true power.

The more we use our heart energy and allow it to flow through us in our everyday life, the easier things become. Your heart energy holds your gifts, desires, creations, freedom of self-expression, your true purpose, and your connection to the divine. Tapping into this part of ourselves on a daily basis keeps us firmly rooted in who we are, because we no longer move through our days ignoring—intentionally or unintentionally—our greatest gifts.

When we create from our heart, the movement is fluid, free-flowing, creative, expressive, exciting, and immeasurably powerful. It is unencumbered by the daily stresses of life. Our heart is the source of our creative power, energy, and intuitive guidance. This intuitive guidance is especially key in accessing our authentic gifts while also providing a personal blueprint—or roadmap—for how to use these gifts the way they have always been intended to be used. The way the world has been waiting for you to use them.

Through the process of working with our heart energy, there is no fear, no need for attachment, worry, doubt, or resistance. When we create directly from our heart, there is also no competition, confusion, destruction, anger, hate, or struggle. All that remains is a feeling of freedom, creativity, flow, and excitement. This is where the magic really happens. This is how we change our own destinies to create the life we’ve always dreamed of living. Doing so authentically and in a way that feels absolutely right in our deepest core inadvertently brings us closer to fulfilling our own greater purpose. When we live in this way, the ripple effects of our personal truth and connection to what makes us uniquely ourselves reach much farther and have a much greater impact than we can possibly imagine—not just in our own lives but in the lives of others as well.

Making the conscious decision to listen to, connect with, and create from this heart-energy space every single day is the spark that ignites positive change and full freedom. Because when we tap into this powerful energy, we are tapping into the manifestation of pure, untainted, unconditional love.

Working with your heart energy is the key to becoming who you are in the world.

What we tend to think of as our “rational mind” holds the logical and practical side of our thinking and decision-making. It helps us ground our energies and ideas and serves an incredibly valuable role in our process. Our rational mind serves as a baseline for how we interact with the world around us as well as everything we’ve learned about how to survive as a human in the modern world. At the same time, the rational mind is also the house of our ego—our fears and doubts; the illusion of who we think we should be, how we should act, or what we may feel obligated to achieve or even deny within ourselves. When the rational mind is left unbalanced, these fears, doubts, struggles, and perceived requirements of who we think we need to be within society and our own lives have a tendency to take over. We may find ourselves living in a way that doesn’t reflect who we are at all, leaving us feeling stuck, hopeless, helpless, or with an inexplicable sensation of knowing there is something more for us. So many of us feel this way but have never been shown how to discover and tap into that something more.

This balance can be found through working with our heart energy. If our “rational mind” is left to its own devices, where only logic and reason take the wheel to control every decision we make, conflict with our neglected heart energy arises. More often than not, this causes us to feel stressed out, anxiety ridden, and confused. The struggle to connect with this creative power source in a way that allows us the freedom of joy and creative expression and fulfillment grows even stronger. We become lost to ourselves in ways both subtle and painfully obvious. But when we learn how to awaken to our own personal truth and clear away this old energetic confusion standing between us and our authentic self, we can then pave the way for our heart energy to guide us.

The more we learn to clear out our old ways of thinking, reacting, interacting, and being within our own lives, the easier it becomes to tap into this creative power source of our hearty energy. The struggle lessons and eventually all but disappears. And without that struggle of imbalance, we find the freedom, clarity, and joy of bringing our own unique, authentic gifts to the light. We find our own personal way to shine in this world, the way we were always meant to shine.  

The magic of self is only in the self.

There is no external “quick fix” to finding that last puzzle piece many of us feel is missing, if only we knew where to look and how to grasp it. Each of us already has everything we need inside of us, waiting to be awakened and expressed. All it takes is a willingness to look deeper and allow ourselves the space, time, and freedom to explore what we have all been intrinsically given.

Imagine a world where every single person has learned to connect to this divine part of themselves. Our gifts would be working together, rather than against one another, to bring more love, trust, and abundance into our own realities and the lives we live day to day. We would rise above the rat race of survival, connected instead to the truth of what matters in life—unconditional love for others, yes, but also for ourselves.

We all hold the power to reach our full potential, to reconnect with who we truly are, and to use our authentic gifts in a way that only brings joy and light into our lives. The key is to step away from the illusion of who we think we should be. After that comes an effortless, free-flowing expression of our authentic self.

The world is waiting for you.

The process of clearing out our old energetic imprints—or energetic “clutter”—on every level allows us this rediscovery of our true selves our own unique purpose in the world.

What are your true authentic gifts?

What makes you feel alive?

What does your heart cry out to express and create?

With love and light,

Molly Seidel

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