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March 23, 2021

Molly Seidel is a creative life designer based in the PNW. Her goal is to help educate her readers and clients on decluttering the old to bring in the new. 

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Clearing out what no longer serves you creates more flow and greater ease both inside and outside the home.

Your home is your sanctuary—the container that allows your mind, body, and soul to thrive. Your home protects you and your loved ones physically, and it also serves as a safe haven for who you are authentically. It safeguards your purest self, which I like to refer to as The Diamond in your heart. This Diamond is the center of your heart energy—your unique gifts and creative expression. Caring for your Diamond and heart energy is just as important as caring for the physical needs of yourself and your loved ones inside your home.

When your personal space is physically cluttered, dirty, falling apart, unattended to within the home, it can be difficult to meet those physical needs. There may be dust or mold allergens in the air that affect your health. If your home is poorly insulated, it may be difficult to keep things warm during the winter or cool during the summer—or at the very least comes with a frustratingly high utility bill. Putting in a bit of consistent work every day to clear out your physical space and care for the structure of your home and your physical surroundings within it makes the upkeep that much easier. It allows you to more effortlessly enjoy a space in full working condition.

But this premise doesn’t only apply to physical surroundings and material goods. Clearing out and caring for your home on an energetic level is just as vital to the wellbeing of your Diamond and heart energy—of your true, authentic self.

When your home is “cluttered” energetically, it forms a barrier between you and The Diamond in your heart. It can be difficult to connect with your true self, to tap into the creative expression of what makes you you and how to harness your own unique gifts as part of your everyday life.

Your home is filled with your personal energy, including what you carry within yourself and all the energy carried by your physical possessions with which you surround yourself. Physical objects in our material reality have far more of an energetic impact on our emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing than most of us may realize. Each item—from the clothes we wear, to the furniture and decorative pieces in our home, to the objects we surround ourselves with at work or at play—carries its own energy. This energy reflects back to us what we may also be carrying within ourselves.

Think of it as a feedback loop: The energy inside us—our thoughts, emotions, memories, and behavior patterns—is imprinted from us into our physical things. And the material items we choose to share space with inside the home constantly reflect that same energy, feeding it back into our Diamond and cementing it as part of our current reality.

In order to open ourselves and clear the way for the fresh, positive energy we wish to call into our lives to create a new way of living, we must first clear away the old energy within the things around us.

Cleansing your home from a higher perspective and on an energetic level will allow you to let go of what no longer serves you. When that energetic space is cleared, you then have room to bring in the new energy that is truly meant for you. The key is to express and create this new fresh foundation from your heart. When you do this, the energetic feedback loop feeds your heart with a reflection of who you are authentically and who you were always meant to be.

Rearranging and organizing your home in different ways will automatically shift the flow and sometimes even the type of energy in your home. This, in turn, raises the energetic vibration within your personal and sacred spaces. This concept has existed for centuries in multiple cultures through various methods and interpretations. You may have heard of some of them, like feng shui, the Kondo Method, Vastu Shastra, or work more simply called energetic design. The common thread in all of these, however, is the same. Changing the physical layout of material items in your home helps to open individual spaces to a more natural, conducive flow of positive energy.

When the space is open for fresh energy to enter, you then have a unique opportunity to call in exactly the kind of energy you want to attract into your life. Choosing this new energy and creating it within your home through your own personal intention and authentic expression paves the road to connecting with yourself. And when we connect with our truest selves, we have everything we need at our fingertips to create a life that is more in alignment with who we are, what we desire, and how to we can serve a greater purpose both for ourselves and for others.

This clearing of the old, stale energetic “clutter” within the home is so important as the first stepping stone in the journey of creating your new reality and the life you’ve always wanted to lead. With the figurative dust and cobwebs swept up and the energetic rubble cleared away, you then have the space to forge a solid foundation of yourself that reflects The Diamond in your heart.

When we transform our space or our home in this way, it naturally allows for more peace and relaxation on all levels—physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. What we foster and nurture within our home intrinsically overflows into every other area of our lives. The home truly does then become that safe haven and sanctuary, where everyday stresses can be cleared away, minds can be calmed, and we have more time and space to reflect and focus on what’s truly important to us beneath the surface of day-to-day living.

Are you ready to create a space that truly reflects who you are?

With love and light,

Molly Seidel

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